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The senior team

Michele Simon – Founder

I have spent over 20 years working as a senior executive in the property industry, however I began to realise that I wanted to do something that was more fulfilling, where I could make a real and important difference to people’s lives.  If my passions and skills are about building great teams to deliver superior customer service and helping people to achieve their full potential how could I find a role that would let me do this?


I started to notice the challenges that my ageing parents faced and I talked to other friends who also had concerns about their parents and the quality of care that they would receive. So I began doing research on the care industry and became aware of all the commentary about what was happening in care, the treatment of care workers, the lack of time they had to really support the customers, the number of failing organisations.  This got me really excited about the idea of mixing my management, team building and customer focus skills with the latest technology to create a sustainable organisation that would make a difference.


I have spent all of my working life in companies where the objective is making money for shareholders.  I think that misses a fundamental point –  if you focus on building great teams with shared values – you will create sustained, long term viability. This was my inspiration to set up a different sort of care company, a values based one – Bridewell Care Ltd


Our values of integrity, compassion, respect and responsibility are at the heart of our company, and are constantly reinforced with communication and training.  As a values based organisations we measure our success on how well the values of the organisation are lived by every member of the team rather than solely on profit.  My belief is that when you focus on developing a team to demonstrate the values of the company in everything they do, you have more fulfilled people who will feel valued. With guidance they will develop personally and really understand the importance of superior service.  Customer satisfaction will therefore improve and you will create a stronger, less vulnerable business in the long-run.



Karen Doherty – Registered Care Manager


Karen has many years of experience managing Care Assistants and providing customers with outstanding care.


She is particularly strong in developing complex packages involving a variety of medical health professionals and family members and her overall goal is always to ensure that the customer’s needs, wishes and aspirations are met and surpassed.


As the daughter of a Care Assistant, Karen gained an early insight into the daily life of a Care Assistant and the joy that they can bring to a person or family in need.


So, in 2013, after a short career in the food industry, she joined a very large Domiciliary Care agency as a Care Co-coordinator where she was involved with managing socially funded Care packages. During this time she worked closely with Adult Social Services for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and managed a variety of Care packages, ranging from Dementia and Elderly care, to people with Mental Health issues.


Karen continued to work in socially funded care until 2016 when she made the decision to move to a private sector Care Provider and it was there that she took another step in her personal development and began her level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care management.


As a result of this, Karen was promoted initially to Care Manager, where she excelled at people management, and then to Registered Manager, which gave her the opportunity of showing her strong commitment to Customer service.


However, as someone who has always focused upon personal and team development, she began to feel that she wasn’t able to make enough of a difference and so began to look for an organisation that really believed that the Care Team is at the heart of a successful company.  Karen knows, from personal experience, that people really are the key to success – happy Care Assistants create happy customers!


Bridewell Care ticked all the boxes for Karen and she has been heavily involved in the start-up and implementation of the values and objectives of the business.  She is responsible for implementing policies and procedures and the training of our Care Assistants and office staff and takes great pride in welcoming them to the Bridewell Care family.


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